HTML5 Simplifies Mobile Access

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Nov 4, 2014 1:04:15 PM

edm_bannerIf you need to provide remote access to your HMI/SCADA applications, the HTML5 standard simplifies implementation.

Virtually, every browser supports HTML5, as do many HMI/SCADA software packages including Advantech's WebAccess.

So, HMI/SCADA suppliers have designed their software packages to work with HTML5 while browser vendors have done the same with HTML5 serving as the interface connecting local servers to remote clients. WebAccess provides tools for users to develop custom viewing screens for tablets and smartphones with the ability to develop once to the HTML5 standard and deploy many times across any mobile device's HTML5 supported browser.

This provides a number of benefits including: 1. Cross platform compatibility - PC, table, smartphone 2. OS independent - works with MAC OS, Linux, Windows, Android, iPhone IOS, and others. 3. No additional software required on client side. 4. Easier for mobile devices to access key data. 5. Plant engineers and supervisors walking on factory floor can quickly view data on their mobile phone without having to connect with a PC. 6. Easier for IT to manage security on PCs and mobile devices because no additional software is required at client. 7. Improved overall robustness and reliability.Additional Information

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