Implementing the Internet of Things

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Dec 1, 2014 10:25:39 AM

IoTYou've certainly heard of the Internet of Things (IoT), but may not have a clear idea of what it entails. Essentially, the IoT means devices in your industrial plant or facility are now or soon will be connected to the Internet.

These devices include sensors, switches, motor controllers, drives, control values and other industrial automation components. To implement the IoT, it's necessary to connect each device to a data concentrator, most often one or more embedded industrial PCs. These PCs then connect to the internet.

Some devices such as drives have Ethernet ports and can connect directly to a PC, but other devices may need some type of protocol conversion, for example from serial to Ethernet. Connecting all these devices to a data concentrator often requires industrial Ethernet switches. Advantech provides a full line of protocol converters and Ethernet switches for these and other purposes.

For devices without built-in digital communications such as sensors, IO modules are needed to convert raw signals into data usable by data concentrators. Advantech provides a full line of I/O modules, any of them Ethernet-enabled to allow direct connection from each module to an Ethernet switch or a data concentrator.

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