Managing Thin Clients

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Dec 15, 2014 1:31:38 PM

tmWhen you need a full-featured HMI on your plant floor but don't want the expense, complexity, and software maintenance issues of a PC - a thin client can be your best option.

Unlike a simple operator interface terminal, a thin client can provide advanced HMI features such as multiple screens with high resolution color graphics, extensive and fully programmable touch screen interaction, and recipes. Because the thin client application software resides at the host PC, it doesn't require a complex operating system or the power of a PC.

Advantech offers a full line of thin client hardware with benefits such as PXE or custom BIOS boot settings, redundancy, failover, load balancing, and the ability to display multiple user sessions on a single thin client terminal.

With options for Class I Division 2 UL certification, stainless steel, and a proven more reliable and longer lifecycle than the competition, Advantech's ThinManager products are a perfect fit for your thin client needs.Advantech ThinManager Products

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