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Posted by Chuck Harrell on Nov 13, 2014 2:08:50 PM

wearableWearable tech is the latest thing to get us to part with our hard earned cash. No longer are mobile phones the best way to send and receive messages and monitor how far we walk, now we're being sold watches and wristbands that will monitor our pulses, footsteps, and how much we move during our sleep. Until the marketers got involved, we never knew our lives were missing so much gadgetry. But in the world of building automation, wearable tech many just be able to help engineers fix faults and not just be a gimmick.

SCADA software is no able to be used on mobile phones where it can be used to configure and check the status of devices remotely from wherever the engineer happens to be, but as you've experienced in your own life, it's often difficult to hear when a phone rings, beeps, or vibrates when it tries to alert you. Quite embarrassing for the engineer who's on call when this happens.

But a wearable bracelet could be designed with a screen that would show the wearer what's going on and with which device. Screen technology is improving so quickly that a simple display could show an image of whichever piece of equipment is having issues. Once alerted, the user could go back to his phone buried deep in his pocket and make the corrections or head back to the office and fix it manually.

But even if this is deemed to be too expensive or complicated or just a waste of time, a simple cheaper bangle type device with LEDs and vibration could be developed to alert the wearer when the SCADA software is alarming. This would at least have the advantage that a deeply buried phone wouldn't get ignored.

So who knows, one day with a bit of imagination, engineers could be wearing brightly colored bangles around and never miss an alarm.
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