Smart Substation Solution

Posted by Kari Grosser on Oct 27, 2016 10:05:00 AM

SCADA Application

In the Smart Substation field, it's very important to be able to remotely monitor substation devices from a supervisory center. High performance computing platforms can easily integrate the HMI/DATA collection, data monitoring, environment status, which helps operators accurately evaluate their devices' status and action.

Application Requirements

  • Reliable IEC 61859-3 certification

  • High-performance computing platform


Cyber Security for Smart Grids

There are different grades of network protection priorities in a substation, and used in these environments need reliable cyber security. This requires a software firewall or comparable hardware firewall devices to prevent illegal or unauthorized user access.

Application Requirements

  • Reliable IEC 61850-3 certification

  • High-performance Ethernet

  • Virtual Machine/TPM

Communication & Data Gateway for IEC-60870/IEC-61850

Numerous intelligent electronic devices have their own isolated protocols such as IEC-60870-5 (101, 103, 104) in the substation. Customers have to transform these isolated protocols into the unified 61850-3 standard protocol to achieve interconnected communications.

Application Requirements

  • Reliable IEC 61850-3 gateway platform

  • Multi-functional communication interfaces including isolated serial port, IRIG-B, serial port, Ethernet, etc.


Topics: Power & Energy

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