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Posted by Kari Grosser on Jun 5, 2018 10:15:00 AM

A top EMS company global leadership is defined by the ability to provide unrivaled capacities in design and development, product and process engineering and technical support for a wide range of complex, high-value products. With expertise ranging from mechanical and electrical systems design to regulatory compliance engineering and software design development, the company provides its partners and clients, which include leading electronics companies around the world, with best-in-class solutions to maximize the efficiency and value of their supply chains and operations.

As a leading supplier of technology services, this top 15 EMS provider ensures that its own suppliers offer premium capabilities for the solutions the company subsequently provides to its partners. Thus, when these partners required a reliable and efficient solution for consolidating and visualizing data from numerous surface mount technology (SMT) production line machines, the company knew exactly where to turn - Advantech. By providing a solutions package featuring Advantech's unrivaled asset monitoring technology, this top 15 EMS provider elevated their clients' production line operations to a new level of efficiency and precision, further underscoring the company's reputation as an industry leaders. 

Making the Most of the Data at Hand

The advanced technologies used in today's SMT production lines allow for unprecedented levels of automation and optimization. By proactively monitoring these assets, manufacturers can ensure maximum production efficiency through optimization and preemptive maintenance to prevent unexpected system downtime. Leveraging such capabilities, however, necessitates the correct data. Nonetheless, without effective access and visualization, the correct data has minimal value for production managers.

srp-fpv220 A number of the EMS Company's clients encountered this issue. Specifically, although various sensors collected critical data from production line machines, the machines data was not consolidated in the cloud nor visualized to facilitate critical improvements to the production line and prevent costly interruptions. However, using Advantech's SRP-FPV220 and WISE-4000 solutions for data integration and production optimization, the top 15 EMS company could provide its clients with an asset monitoring solution for diverse production line facilities. 

Advantech's SRP-FPV220 Solutions ready platform for Seamless Data Integration

Featuring Advantech's WebAccess/SCADA software, along with a suite of other functionalities, the SRP-FPV220 platform allows data from shop floor devices to be easily collected via various communication protocols, such as Modbus, OPC, US and MQTT. The data is then used to generate automatic Excel reports of production activities. The platform's 100% web-based dashboard allows users to view visual production information, such as yield rate trends, equipment utilization, and downtime alarms, at any time via an HTML5 browser on any desktop or mobile device. 

Meanwhile, Advantech's WISE-4000 series of wireless sensing devices can be easily integrated with the solution-ready platform. These devices allow manufacturers to collect real-time data of key production line parameters for monitoring and precisely controlling operations in order to eliminated unnecessary downtime cause by equipment failures, while also reducing energy wastage. 

Simple Solutions for Complex Problems

Although electronics manufacturing involved complex interactions between an array of sophisticated production line hardware and software, production line problems can resolved with comparatively simple solutions. Leading technology services providers can recognize exceptional innovations when they see them, and they know that Advantech's industrial automation solutions offer substantial development convenience and efficiency by integrating key software and hardware components, reducing system complexity and streamlining installation. Using Advantech's state-of-the-art technology, a leading EMS company is able to provide its clients with the exact solutions they require, keeping them and the company itself at the forefront of technological innovation. 

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