Solar Energy Tracking System

Posted by Kari Grosser on May 1, 2017 10:05:00 AM

Project Introduction

The irradiance determines the power generations. To optimize power generation, the solar energy cell panel needs to be adjusted and keeps facing the direction with the strongest sunlight. With Advantech's solar monitoring system, the solar energy cell panel becomes more intelligent. Also, the status of the equipment can be used.

Client Requirements

  • Periods of low efficiency are a problem for photovoltaic power generation, the client needed a way of capturing the maximum amount of sunlight.
  • The solution must work in harsh environments and always be stable.

Project Introduction

  • Advantech's established solar energy tracking system contains many measuring instruments, illumination sensors, network switches, PLC equipment and automatic industrial computers for the data processing.
  • Each of the four UNO-2178As connects to 18 PLCs through the light switch, used for the PLC control management. Once the UNO-2178A receives the information, it adjusts the solar energy cell panel, and keeps it facing the direction with the strongest sunlight.
  • Another UNO-2178A collects the signals and data of the measuring equipment and illumination sensor and when there is a network connection failure, this UNO-2178A shall also operate as a redundant machine.
  • The high-performance compact, fanless and low power consuming UNO-2178A controller, is a core part of the solution.
  • If two sensors sense that strong light is coming from different directions the UNO-2178A calculates which of the directions is strongest and moves the panels accordingly.

Project Implementation

 Product  Description
 UNO-2178A   Onboard Intel Atom D510 fanless embedded industrial computer, 6 x USB, 8 x COM, 2 x Mini PCIe

System Framework

solar tracking system diagram.jpg


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