Speed up your Ethernet Network

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Feb 18, 2016 11:00:00 AM

eki-9300Are your Ethernet in-plant networks slowing down?  Do you see performance degradation and wonder about the cause and how to fix it?

In many cases, the problem is excess traffic caused by transmission of images and video.  Images are often generated by cameras and vision systems used for part inspection and for real-time control of machines and production processes.  Video can originate from security system cameras or from cameras used to monitor machine operation.

The solution is upgrading the Ethernet backbone network, starting with the addition of Ethernet switches to monitor and manage traffic.  To be effective, full Gigabit switches should be used, as these units will accommodate  the required high-speed Ethernet operation.  Advantech makes a full line of these switches in both managed and unmanaged versions with up to 16 ports and with options including Power over Ethernet and switch configuration restoration via USB.


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