The Future of Pharma Manufacturing

Posted by Kari Grosser on May 30, 2018 10:30:00 AM

future of pharma manufacturing

pharma future

Among the various types of manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers may face the greatest requirements of all in terms of product quality and attention to detail. Drug makers must, above all, strictly maintain the quality and safety of their products, as the release of any low-quality products could adversely impact consumer health and severely damper their brands and bottom lines. Given these concerns and related concerns about the security of their data and production processes, pharmaceutical manufacturers have been slower than other manufacturers to embrace and fully realize the potential of IoT technologies. Nonetheless, the power of IoT-based asset management solutions to increase production line efficiency and profitability is undeniable, such that drug makers who fail to innovate, risk being left behind. 

With roots dating back to 1936 and more than 3,600 employees, União Química is one of the biggest players in Brazil's burgeoning pharmaceutical industry. In spite of its long history and strong sales, however, the firm, like many other drug makers, was being held back by its reliance on outdated production methods. Specifically, the firm's managers found their production lines hampered by a low productivity and a lack of remote connectivity enabling easy access to critical production line data. Fortunately, Advantech offered them the key solutions they needed to boost the firm's productivity and connectivity while enhancing quality monitoring. 

Modern Innovations for Conservative Industry 

One key distinguishing feature in drug manufacturing is the necessity of carefully documenting each step of the production process for compliance. These strict requirements spring, of course, from past concerns surrounding product quality and consumer safety. Historically, these requirements led pharmaceutical manufactures to store production information in paper records for future reference, but this approach also made it difficult for production managers to make process improvements. 

Modern data acquisition technologies, however, have increasingly rendered such past practices both obsolete and unnecessary. With smart production lines featuring IIoT-enabled solutions, drug makers can store and access critical data in real time in order to better monitor production processes, ensuring the increased visibility and integration of information, which in turn lets production managers make timely decisions to increase productivity while still ensuring product quality. 

Faster, Smarter, and Safer Production with Advantech's ADAM-6250 and HMI Solutions

Such changes, however, are far from automatic, built in Advantech, União Química found a partner with all the necessary expertise. Working closely with Orange Pharma IT, Advantech developed an automatic data acquisition system to ensure product traceability without manual operations, while also enabling remote connectivity through a cloud computing system. 

Advantech's ADAM-6250 digital I/O module and HMI operator interfaces formed the backbone of this enhanced data acquisition system. An ideal data acquisition device for the modern IIoT-enabled production facility, the ADAM-6250 offers daisy chain connection with auto-bypass protection, remote monitoring, and control with mobile devices, and group configuration capability for multiple module setups, in addition to a suite of other features. Advantech's HMI monitoring solutions combine high-performance panel PCs with low-power web terminals, making them ideal process visualization tools for monitoring workflows in smart factory production. 

Simple Solutions for Complex Problems

Advantech's data acquisition solutions have provided União Química with a better understanding of the performance and utilization of their production line equipment, including the ability to predict maintenance needs and prevent breakdowns. With these advantages, the drug makers has increased its productivity by 20% while reducing costs by 8%. The production lines for modern pharmaceutical production in order to scale production up or down according to market needs, all the while ensuring that production quality and consumer safety are never neglected. By providing União Química with a fully integrated IIoT-enabled data acquisition system, Advantech quickly solved the firm's data acquisition system, Advantech quickly solved the firm's data acquisition. 

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