The Internet of Everything (IoE) - Creating Richer Everyday Experiences

Posted by Kari Grosser on Jun 13, 2016 11:30:00 AM

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is having an enormous impact on our lives creating richer everyday experiences for all of us. Built into billions of connected to the cloud machines, this phenomenon is completely reinventing the cities of tomorrow and is the building blocks on which smart cities stand. The connection between people, data and things will create an infrastucture that till entirely transform even the most everyday of tasks. What was once an unrealistic concept - the Internet og Everything (IoE) evolution - is happening now.

Infographic_2020_connected_devices.jpgThe effects of IoE are changing the world around us. The number of Internet connected devices is growing rapidly and it is expected to increase from 15 billion devices in 2015 to 40 billion devices in 2020. Intelligent devices are expected to become accountable for almost half of all Internet traffic and almost every cloud-connected simple thing such as washing machine's safety sensors connected to the Internet/Cloud. More practical systems, such as home thermostat, will be connected and remotely controlled via a smart phone, Going even further to the transformation of simple everyday things/tasks, toothbrushes collecting data from the cloud to combat plaque seems entirely tangible.

Connectivity is playing a significant tole in households, and "smart" applications appeared enabling appliances to be controlled away from the home via a mobile device. Energy services providers are now offering smart remote heating giving owners more control over their heating. If you're leaving your home and it suddenly turns cold, you could switch on the heating using your smart phone. Honeywell is turning up the heat with the launch of the UK's first voice-control thermostat. The new technology allows users to adjust the temperature in their homes by simple saying a voice command such as "hello, thermostat", "make it warmer".

Vehicles are, however, blind to other vehicles as well as to the road itself. Realizing this. many car manufacturing companies are now reinventing the wheel by developing driver less cars capable of communicating with other vehicles and the road itself. Roads are much more than a piece of asphalt, thus pavement senors, automatic motion sensor streetlights and paint that changes electric cars may become reality on our highways, making driving safer and faster. Sudio Roosegaarde, a Dutch design firm, and Heijmans, a major European road manufacturer, are working together to create smart roads. Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans teamed up for a Smart Highway project in the Netherlands outfitting a 150-meter public road with interactive light-emitting paint that charges in the day and lights up lane lines at night, making them popular replacements for streetlights.

IoE is already changing the way we live our lives. Signs the transformation is happening already can be seen in every cloud-connected simple thing of our everyday tasks, such as a home thermostat remotely controlled from a smart phone. A Bluetooth enabled toothbrush is not a futuristiccept anymore, while in the future smart roads will be capable of interacting with traffic and changing cars be illuminating lights. The transformation is rapid and substantial and - The Internet of Everything Infrastructure - is creating richer everyday experiences for us all.

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