The Next Generation of Intelligent Machine Vision Solutions

Posted by Kari Grosser on Aug 28, 2018 10:15:00 AM

As technology progresses from research laboratories into practical implementations and as advancements are made in the underlying hardware and software, there has been an exponential increase in machine vision capabilities and applications. The manufacturing marketplace continues to apply machine vision systems in innovative ways to improve performance and quality. This is largely due to high-performance devices being economically applied to solve a variety of problems. Another major contributing factor is ease of use, as new solutions are becoming increasingly simpler to deploy and support compared to their older hardware and software counterparts. To meet the various requests that are emerging with this trend, Advantech offers three major solutions for different fields: configurable solutions, all-in-one solutions and machine learning solutions. 

Configurable Solutions

Modular computers are designed for machine automation applications such as vision inspection, automated optical inspection, packaging inspection and intelligent monitoring. Modular IPCs are beneficial to service and maintenance, and this compact system, with PoE and the latest Intel Core processor, delivers enhanced computing and graphics performance. To address the high diversity and flexibility demands of machine vision, these modular computers feature a rich I/O interface that supports a range of communication requirements and devices, including external sensors, controllers and displays. Advantech's innovative i-modules provide crucial value-added options for flexible expansion and are easy to assemble and upgrade. 

All-in-One Solutions

Advantech's all-in-one platforms are highly suitable for machine automation applications such as automated optical inspection, wafer inspection, and alignment inspection, all of which heavily rely on high-performance, high-precision machine vision systems. With PoE vision and a rich I/O interface, our all-in-one platforms are characterized by high-performance computing and low power consumption, intelligent management and extended product longevity. With the latest Intel Core processors, Advantech's solutions deliver state-of-art computing and graphics performance. 

Machine Learning Solutions

Business applications powered by deep learning are growing rapidly. Thanks to high-performance GPU computing, training servers can now handle huge data sets to produce even better trained data models. After trained models have been deployed, edge inference systems can also be utilized leveraging the power of GPUs to obtain real-time prediction with a high level of accuracy. Advantech's deep learning solutions include edge inference servers with powerful NVidia GPU cards and an SDK that delivers a potent package for IoT intelligence and edge computing. Furthermore, our deep learning solution library accelerates development in server training by enabling you to deploy deep learning models that can, as simple examples, count the number of people on the street or analyze traffic flow in real time.

While no single approach is ideal for all needs, a fundamental objective is to trade the development effort of end users. Our advanced hardware and software deliver on this goal, minimizing life cycle support and total cost of ownership. 

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