The World's First Industrial Isolated USB 3.0 Hub

Posted by Kari Grosser on Feb 16, 2017 10:05:00 AM

banner_01-1.jpgThe USB-4630 provides the fastest data transmission between controller and connected units of any isolated protection device. Offering up to 5Gbps, with four ports, it is 416 times faster than a USB 2.0 isolated hub, and provides ultra-high-speed transmission. Even when connected to USB 2.0 devices, it accelerates speed 40 times, up to 480Mbps. The USB-4630 brings ultra-high speed to applications and industrial equipment testing, automotive manufacturing and medical devices.

Isolation Protection

With its advanced isolation protection technology, the USB-4630 saves you from ground loop worries. Moreover, it ensures data integrity in extreme electrical noisy environments, for instance, near an operating variable frequency motor, or near welding, or other large loads. Normal spikes between signal and ground line can be prevented by surge suppression. However, if the ground line rises beyond the limits of surge suppression, isolation allows the lines to float, maintaining proper ground and signal level on the local side. In this way, your data stream remains undisturbed, while the isolator simultaneously controls electrical flows.


  • 2,500 VDC voltage isolation for upstream ports
  • Transfer speed 5 Gbps shared by 4x downstream USB 3.0 super speed ports
  • Can be powered via a USB bus or 10 ~ 30 VDC external power source
  • ES protection up to ±8 kV (Level 3)
  • Power status and downstream port speed LED indicators
  • Load current external power 900mA max. per port. USB bus power 700mA max. per port.
  • Dimensions 132 x 80 x 32 mm
  • Operating Temperature 0 ~ 70˚C (32 ~ 158˚F)

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