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Posted by Kari Grosser on Jun 12, 2017 10:15:00 AM

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Advantech's USB DAQ modules are known for their user-friendly design and ability to replace traditional serial and paraelle  devices as they eliminate the need for external power supplies and allow hot swapping. Through our USB DAQ series, users can easily upgrade their computing platforms with cutting edge technologies and realize cost-effective maintenance while allowing the data acquisition devices to operate as usual. By adding industrial-grade features, including lockable cable, multiple mounting methods and advanced detection functions, our USB data acquisition devices are a great fit for any industrial need.

Key Features

Lockable USB Cable

Reliable connections are critical to automation control and online production. While the standard USB cable is designed for convenience, we provide lockable USB cables that prevent them from being unplugged accidentally.

480Mbps High Speed Data Transfer

Advanced data acquisition function are covered. Up to 200 kS/s sampling rate, 16-bit resolutions, 16-channel analog input, 48-channel digital I/O specifications, as well as interrupt, event counter, and pulse width modulation (PWM) functions are available on our USB data acquisition modules.


With no need for external power, these devices are highly mobile as they derive power from system USB ports, freeing users from the inconvenience of finding additional power sources.

Detachable Screw Terminal & On-Module Pin Assignment Index

Saving space and money are the main benefits of using detachable screw terminals. Significant savings are realized by not having to buy additional cables and/or wiring boards, and extra space can be saved as well. Furthermore, our on-module pin assignment simplifies maintenance efforts and reduce incorrect connections that can cause damage to the system.

Device Identification

Identification assignment of each of our USB DAQ module is easily made through the provided utility. This ensures that application programs control the correct modules, even if the computer is changed or the USB DAQ modules are switched or rearranged at the USB hub. This feature shortens development time of each control site and reduces duplicate programs.

Mounting Schemes

DIN-rail Mount

Our USB DAQ modules come with a bracket that facilitates DIN-rail mounting in industry standard streamlined systems.

Wall/Panel Mount

The wallmount kit can help users hand their modules on walls or other flat surfaces.

VESA Mount

The VESA bracket can mount the USB data acquisition module to VESA-ready appliances, such as Advantech's touch panel computers (TPC series) and flat panel monitors (FMP series).


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