Using Ethernet Switches to Monitor Traffic

Posted by Chuck Harrell on May 1, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Traffic control and monitoring systems are used for the effective management of public transportation, traffic indicator, traffic signals, freeways, and parking lots where huge amount of real-time video and statistics need to be handled swiftly and be reliable.  To do this effectively over a range of tough environments, high bandwidth and performance over physical layer media such as optical fiber or UTP is required.


The 529km A9 is a German autoban which connects Berlin and Munich via Leipzig and Nuremberg.  The highway authorities required an enhanced surveillance system and Advantech's solution was to implement a metro Ethernet backbone for traffic control and monitoring system connection.  Advantech's high quality products include a flexible redundancy ring function thereby providing a reliable network to fulfill the large video surveillance application.

Advantech is a market leader in providing connectivity solutions for IP connectivity and surveillance networks.  With robust connectivity network between the IP cameras, traffic controllers, and the control center and to meet the latest requirements, Advantech's EKI-9316P and EKI-9312P makes it ideal for upgrading the existing network speed to Gigabit or for building a new full Gigabit backbone.

Products used were multi-port full Gigabit Ethernet Switches for increased video streaming and they are ideal for long distance connections.  There's IEEE 802.3 af/at compliant PoE ports and can connect up to 12 IP cameras or a combination of speed dome cameras for better surveillance.

A coupling ring function allows for the connect of ring groups to add redundancy.  By connecting the ring groups, transmission between the groups is maintained in the event of failure.  Below is an example of a coupling redundant ring setup.


IGMP can be used for one-to-many networking applications such as online streaming video and gaming, which allows more efficient use of resources when supporting these types of applications.  Below is an example of a surveillance application setup.


In real-time applications, each powered device has different power requirements.  Users can manage the PoE interface such as the PoE power budget and list the PD power consumption.


For building traffic control and monitoring systems, massive amounts of real-time transportation video data and statistics data need to be handled swiftly and reliably.

Consideration must be given to both the expandability and stability at the design stage.  A redundant route should be provided for single link or node fault and the bandwidth should ensure sufficient bandwidth for surveillance video streams.  Advantech, with many years of experience with industrial Ethernet networks and the full Gigabit managed 7xx series products are the most suitable for traffic surveillance and network system with high bandwidth requirements.

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