Tram Stations in Lisbon Provide Passengers with the Most Current Information

Posted by Kari Grosser on Jan 18, 2017 10:40:00 AM

Project Introduction

lisbon tram.jpgThere is a global trend to make cities smarter by improving public transport systems whether that's by displaying up to date schedule information, having apps to display the number or available parking spaces or wi-fi. But the mass transit system which has been lacking in a technological upgrade is that of tram systems.

System Requirements

In the city of Lisbon in Portugal, the tram system has been given a major overhaul to provide passengers with up to the minute scheduling information such as arrival times and delays and help with digital ticketing. To help facilitate this, our client required a small controller PC with a small footprint and the power to deliver the necessary functionality.

System Implementation

To implement this, the system integrator provided a number of UNO-2362G. The small form factor fanless automation computer has a powerful low energy AMD Dual Core T40E processor and is used to connect to the tram's platform displays and have information relayed from servers and head office operation staff.

System Description

tram station system description.jpg


To win this bid it was essential that the system integrator could have a highly reliable low cost industrial computer which could connect to the monitors distributed throughout the stations and be capable of being monitored and controlled from a central location.


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