Unleash the Power of Process Visualization for Smart Factories 

Posted by Kari Grosser on Feb 28, 2018 10:15:00 AM


Recent statistics have indicated that the use of insufficient technology and unmanaged devices reduces annual manufacturing by up to 40%. For chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, effectively managing numerous servers deployed in local factories presents a critical challenge. Accordingly, Advantech created its SRP-FPV240 series of process visualization packages to provide an effective platform for centralized and scalable management. 

How Advantech's SRPs Add Value for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Centralized Management

All sever applications and thin client devices can be managed from a centralized control room using a single interface.

Advanced Data Security

ThinManager software features powerful visualization, encryption, and authentication tools that ensure data security.

Easily withstand Harsh Environments

The IP69K rating for protection against high-pressure, high-temperature spray downs ensures suitability for extreme industrial environments

How the SRP-FPV240 Makes a Difference

wise.jpgA leading pharmaceutical company has adopted Advantech's SRP-FPV240 process visualization solution for their worldwide expansion. Initially, the company had encountered numerous technical issues regarding terminal operation. However, by implementing the SRP-FPV240 solution, which is equipped with ACP's innovative ThinManager® software, the company realized three key advantages:

  • Central factory system management
  • Centralized computing resources
  • Instant server failover

Overall, the adoption of Advantech's SRP-FPV240 process visualization solution with ThinManager software reduced unmanaged device costs by up to 47% and other hidden costs by up to 32%.

SRP-FPV240 Solution-Ready-Platform Packages

model_1.png model_2.png model_3.png model_4.png model_5.png model_6.png
SRP-FPV240-AE SRP-FPV240-01 SRP-FPV240-02 SRP-FPV240-03 SRP-FPV24--04/05/06 SRP-FPV241-AE
AMD® Dual Core T40E Small-size ThinClient, HDMI*1, DP*1 Intel® Atom E3815 Pocket-size ThinClient, HDMI*1, USB*4 Intel® Celeron® J1900 Dual Monitor ThinClient, VGA*1, HDMI*1 Intel® Celeron® J1900 21.5” Stainless IP69K Panel ThinClient Intel® Atom E3827 12.1“/15”/17” Panel ThinClient Intel Core i3-6100U Multi-monitor ThinClient, HDMI*5, DP*1, USB*8


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