WebAccess Highly Integrated Solution Perfects the Automatic Monitoring and Control System of Wasterwater Treatment Plant

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Wastewater treatment plant is a basic infrastructure in modern society to purify wastewater created by homes and businesses. Its operation is 24 hours a day and wastewater treatment comprises multiple processes to remove solids, organic compounds and other matters. Such a complex work flow needs a careful management and it is insufficient only being supervised by plant personnel. Besides, the source water quality can be changed in an instant and any negligence or mistake may lead to improper treatment or cause environmental pollution. Therefore, the treated effluent to meet the environmental regulations and government criteria before discharging into the sewer or river.

However, how to efficiently create a centralized monitoring and control management system with minimal costs to gain maximum value, hot to assure system stability and retain future expansion capability, all of these will be affected by the choice of hardware and software. Advantech offers powerful software and extensive hardware portfolio, including advanced WebAccess SCADA software, APAX Programmable Automation Controller with I/O modules and EKI Ethernet switches, enabling System Integrators to quickly complete their wastewater treatment plant projects through one stop shopping without worrying about compatibility. By providing fully redundant functionality, this total solution has maximum reliability to guarantee non-stop operation. Meanwhile, developers can greatly benefit by the WebAccess powerful and ample features to easily obtain data and integrate multiple nodes or platforms to meet project present and future requirements while reducing development and maintenance costs.

System Requirement

Easy Control Technology is a professional automatic control technology company in Taiwan which specializes in system design, planning and integration for government public construction projects, academic institutions and technology enterprises. Recently, it has won the bid of a wasterwater treatment plant project of Southern Star land development plan in Kaohsiung Free Trade Zone. In order to provide an optimized configuration of the automatic monitoring and control management system, the company would consolidate dozens of wastewater treatment processes into a master station plus four substations (central control room, pumping station & grit chamber, biological treatment station, rapid/slow mixing & effluent station, chemical control & sludge treatment station).

Due to the complexity of this system, Easy Control Technology was looking for a cost-effective integrated solution so as to speed up the project development with less effort. In terms of software, it must have scalable centralized management capability with redundancy feature to complete remote supervisory control and on-site data acquisition without data loss, and has to support open interfaces and Modbus protocol to easily access data and integrate diverse devices as well as providing a wide variety of graphical libraries to represent data via animation in real time. Regarding hardware specifications, supporting Structured Text (ST) language is a prerequisite because the company is habitually using it for programming. Providing backup functions and fast recovery mechanism are also necessary to enhance system reliability.

System Description

For this wastewater treatment plant project, Advantech provides a total solution which consists of a combination of WebAccess 8.1, APAX-5000 series and EKI series products. By installing APAX-5000 series and EKI series products.By installing APAX-5620KW equipped with various modules to acquire digital and analog signals in the hour substations and deliver to the control center through Industrial Ethernet Switch EKI-7659C, WebAccess can immediately display the collected data that may change over time, thus achieving centralized remote monitoring and control management. In addition, WebAccess receives video signals through Gigabit PoE switch EKI-9312P to connect video camera or CCTV allowing users to supervise equipment and facilities directly.

Advantech WebAccess can do much more than conventional SCADA and delivers a wealth of benefits. As a core platform, WebAccess centrally manages all SCADA nodes which run independently while providing redundant node and communication port to ensure that any failure does not affect the system operation. Supporting multiple open interfaces, real-time data connectivity and hundreds of device drivers(e.g. Modbus protocol) makes it have superior integration capability. Either data exchange or platform access it quite easy for programmers.

Offering a number o pre-build graphics and customized symbol functions let system designers effortlessly to create user interface and dynamically updates animation. Above all, WebAccess features 100% web-based system with private cloud architecture, so all system configuration and features a 100% web-based system with private cloud architecture, so all system configuration and administration can be done through a standard web browser, and users can browse real-time data anywhere anytime by any desktop or mobile devices. If there is any expansion needs in the future, rapid upgrade and integration is not a problem at all.

As for hardware products, APAX-5620KW is a built-in CPU CPU modules and which provides backup function. And its programming environmental is KW MultiProg which supports all IEC 61131-3 programming languages (including ST). With redundant network protocol X-Ring and ultra high-speed recovery time (less than 10ms), EKI-7659C offers a more reliable network communication that guarantees timely data delivery.

System Diagram

 webaccess wastewater treatment plant.jpg

Project Implementation



 Advantech WebAccess 8.1

 Browser-based HMI/SCADA Software


 PAC with Marvel XScale CPU, CAN, KW


 Power Supply for APAX Expansion Modules


 24-ch Digital Input Module


 24-ch Digital Output Module


 12-ch Analog Output Module


 8-ch Analog Output Module


 8+2G Cmbo Port Gigabit Managed Redundant Industrial Ethernet Switch 


 Industrial-Class 12 Port Managed DIN Rail Switch Full Gigabit Switch with PoE/PoE+


 4U Rackmount Chassis with Visual Alarm Notification


Stepping into the Internet of Things (IoT) era, water/wastewater treatment will not only need automatic monitoring and control, but also need to prepare the functions for the Cloud services. Advantech's fully web browser-based WebAccess has surpassed general SCADA software in vertical and horizontal integration. Its abundant functions and tools with open architecture not only fulfill the existing system requirements but also take future expansion into considerations powerful platform, System Integrators are able to significantly increase the efficiency of project development and after-sales maintenance. Additionally,total solution for this project is comprehensive redundancy scheme. Both the software and the hardware such as node, comport, controller and network switch all provide backup configurations which contribute to establishing a highly stable and reliable system operation. The excellent result has enabled Easy Cntrol Technology to continuously use WebAccess solution in the field of water resources.

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