When Can Real-Time I/O Benefit Smart Factories?

Posted by Kari Grosser on May 8, 2018 10:00:00 AM

EtherIO is an Ethernet-based real-time sensing technology which can enable high-speed data acquisition and remote serial communication in one bus. It is suitable for machine automation, predictive maintenance, equipment monitoring and optimization and production traceability applications. By transforming standard LAN ports in dedicated real-time I/O ports, EtherIO provides a cost-effective alternative to fieldbus-based data collection with than 10% CPU usage. 

Real-Time Database Connectivity Improves Quality Control ATEs

  • Quality Control ATEsFor machines equipped with an HMI, EtherIO uses less than 10% of CPU processing power for real-time data collection
  • Data can be transmitted to the cloud/MES via ODBC for rapid quality management and feedback


Real-Time Big Data Collection Enables Automated Predictive Maintenance

  • Automated Predictive MaintenanceBig data can be collected and analyzed in real time to identify potential with the equipment and processes
  • Predictive maintenance can be automated to prevent sudden equipment failure from interrupting operations and reducing productivity


Real-Time Production Data Facilitates Smarter ManufacturingSmarter Manufacturing

  • Diverse PLCs and meters can be integrated for transmitting data to the back-end management system using various protocols
  • Transforms the I/O hardware of existing systems into software-based real-time I/O to enable cross-platform machine automation and smart factory applications


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