White Paper: The Right Data is Required for Good Decision Making

Posted by Kari Grosser on Nov 8, 2017 10:35:00 AM

The evolution and proliferation of industrial automation and IIoT devices has created a wealthy of data sources. Effectively harnessing this data empowers end-users to make data-driven decisions and add value to any operation.

Data Driven White Paper sm.jpgToday's factories are smarter than ever and can provide abundant data regarding operational status equipment condition and energy usage. This incredible availability of data is potentially a huge benefit, but perhaps an even larger challenge.

Part of the reason for this data explosion is the development of industrial automation platforms far beyond their mission or real-time control. These platforms now routinely provide in-depth visualization for operators and readily integrate into Ethernet and fieldbus networks via a wide variety of "smart" field instrumentation and other devices. These smart devices not only offer normal running parameters, but typically report secondary data, status and deep diagnostics.

In fact, new equipment is more likely to be smart  than not. Even common "packaged" systems such as industrial air compressors or chillers provide advanced feedback and interface options. Power distribution switchgear performs more than normal protective functions because monitoring of current voltage and many other parameters is usually included.

Many solutions are available to integrate older equipment and systems and obtain data from them. An entire class of field devices now provide new ways to sense equipment and environmental conditions, and transmit this data via wired and wireless networks.

But how can an organization effectively consolidate all these systems into a homogeneous and useful platform for storing, viewing and analysis? Even though the data is out there, it is available in many different formats and protocols. And not all data is created equal in terms of volume and importance, so users need a convenient way to select and handle source data.

This single integration question raises many more concerns addressing pain point's end users experience. What methods will allow remote data to be obtained in a timely manner? Can traceability of the data be maintained to ensure quality and a proper foundation for decision making? Is it possible to verify the security and integrity of the data as it is received, and as the resulting information is supplied to those who need it? And most importantly, how can the raw data be processed into actionable information? Answering these questions with the right solutions empowers the end user to make the best possible decisions and develop a data-drive strategy.

Hardware and software architectures are available to assist with integrating systems and turning data from these systems into actionable information. These SRPs are the key to a successful and cost-effective implementation. This white paper looks at helping end users answer these questions with the right solutions.

In this White Paper:

  • Evolution of Industrial Automation Data
  • Benefits of Data Done Right
  • Building the Data-Driven Architecture
  • Choosing the Right Solution for Data-Drive Decision Making
  • Making Manufacturing Smart
  • Newfound Visibility
  • And More!

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