Why Use an Industrial PC Instead of a White Box PC

Posted by Chuck Harrell on May 7, 2015 11:00:00 AM

p-1Most use an Industrial PC instead of a white box PC to improve reliability in applications with high uptime requirements.   Key aspects of reliability include immunity to shock and vibration, extended operating temperature range, and resistance to corrosion.  Of course, even the most reliable industrial PC will sometimes fail or require modification, so it's also important to have a quick and easy way to replace and add components.

To address all these needs and others, considering Advantech's MIC-3100 series of Industrial PCs.  These PCs feature European card design for highly efficient cooling, 2G anti-vibration resistance, and EMC certification compliance.  Their 2mm pin metric connectors provide an air-tight seal connector with a high degree of corrosion resistance.

The PCs are front hot-swap enabled, allowing cards to be quick and easily replaced or added.  The PICMG 2x open standard is adhered to for easy integration as is the support for PCI and CPCI interfaces.

The chief engineer at an auto parts manufacturer says, "The MIC-3100 series' front how-swap function makes maintenance a lot easier.  The probability of facility malfunction is significantly lowered and production efficiency is raised by 90%."

A system engineer uses these industrial PCs for in-vehicle testing and had this to day, "Traditional vehicle computers often control unexpected situations while in motion.  The MIC-3100 is compatible with both CPCI & PXI interfaces which ensures stability even during rough journeys."

An on-site operator and equipment engineer working at a steel rolling facility notes that, "Traditional IPC PCI card interfaces often rust in harsh environments and cause control malfunction or data reception errors.  The MIC-3100's CPCI interface has the ability to withstand harsh environments."

If your requirements call for an industrial PC, look to the Advantech MIC-3100 series.

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