Will the Internet of Things Give Us Back Time?

Posted by Chuck Harrell on Apr 22, 2015 11:00:00 AM

FlicEver since the Industrial Revolution and the invention of labor saving devices, we have been sold the idea that our inherent laziness will be rewarded with more free time.   Vacuum clearners saved house of beating rugs, washing machines saved hours of scrubbing, and the Internet has saved us many hours of searching for material. But do we have more free time?   I think the answer is no, so why should the Internet of Things give us any more time?   In reality, it probably won't, but rather than saving huge chunks, now we will save incremental moments.

Devices like the Google thermostat will determine when we're near our residences and save us the pressure of entering into a cold building and as you walk up to the door, it can automatically unlock and open before the hallway lights are switched on.   So now, your'e being saved the hassle of finding your keys and reaching out for flicking a switch.

But just in case you need to save more minutes and make your life a little easier as you rush around with your always connected devices secured to your person but somehow never find time to visit a website to order your necessary items, Amazon is there to help you.

Amazon Dash buttons are the next must have gadget that will save you the time it takes to get online and place an order.   These stickable buttons, available for a specific rang of consumables, adhere to the side of your appliance or work space and when pressed, will send a signal through the Wi-Fi to your account at Amazon where the goods will then be dispatched.  

Amazon seems to have taken this technology from a new startup which as used crowd sourcing to fund the idea.  As the video shows, the whole purpose of Flic buttons is to have micro-time.  Through their app, the FLic button can be configured to perform a wide range of tasks from taking a selfie to switching off all household appliances when you leave the building or switching your phone to navigate or music modes.

But, what will you do with these save up micro-moments? 


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