Wind Power and Art Coming Together to Provide a Solution

Posted by Kari Grosser on Mar 27, 2017 10:05:00 AM

WindTree.jpgIn our ever more manic attempts to try and harness Mother Nature, we're running the countryside with monolithic wind farms. Since the wind blows stronger and more consistently above 50 meters, commercial wind farms by necessity are built to be tall. But now a designer from Paris has developed an artistic windmill that wouldn't look out of place in a city park.

Jerome Michaud-Larivere, founder of Paris-based start-up NewWind has created Tree Wind which, as the name suggest, looks like an artistic interpretation of a tree.

Each of the 100 "leaves" are designed to spin in wind speeds as low as 5.5 MPH (8.85 KPH) and they are attached to steel branches which in turn, feed from a 25 foot (8.85 meter) steel trunk. Since wind speed of the this size aren't unusual and these Wind Trees are relatively cheap, it is estimated that they would earn their money back in as little as two years. In more space restricted areas, such as on rooftops or balconies, these "trees" could be scaled down and used for residential purposes.

If we are to reduce the amount of fossil fuels to generate electricity and harness power that is readily available, we need to think of methods that won't destroy the environment any more than we already have done. Its ideas like this that may just save the day!

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